Monday, August 4, 2014

Things unexpected

Ive been on 6 different flights to 6 different countries for the past few months. I didnt think much what was i doing but i couldnt care less. But i feel so happy. I wish i wouldve done it earlier; enjoy the beautiful part of the world, etc etc. But, meh, back then i didnt have enough money to travel a lot like this. So, yeah. Understandable. 

I did everything in an impulse. I bought the flight tickets, and the next day here i was: Australia. Ive been flying around to Melbourne then to New Zealand, then flew back to Melbourne then to New Zealand again, something in that order. Back and forth. 90nzd one way. Why not? Obviously, this is what ive been doing right now. Takda kerja. Haha

I love Melb, such a nice place. So bandar with tolerable skycrappers and traffic. I wanted to upload some pictures, but later lah. Hehe

Then i went to Queenstown, New Zealand. Such a pretty place. It was so magnificient and hardly for me to describe in words. All i can say is your eyes are the best camera. The best gift from Allah SWT. Oh i went to Pacific Ocean, can u imagine? Gila best. I promise i will upload some pics later. Im coming back to NZ (and Melb duh...) anyway this August, of course i will.

Nak cite panjang. But too sleepy now.

P/s: I wasnt so ngantok just now, but now i am. Lols

Catchcu later.

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